At Louisville Collision Center, we want to help you through each step of the process to help restore your Lexus back to the condition it was five minutes before the accident. There are 5 key things we want you to know about having your Lexus repaired at Louisville Collision Center after an accident:

Lexus Collision

1. Did you know that there are less than 40 Lexus Certified Collision Centers in the entire country? We are proud to be a Lexus CCC and the only one in the state of Kentucky. As the vehicle owner, you have the choice on where your Lexus is repaired. Insurance companies will likely “suggest” places to take your vehicle, but rarely are those recommended shops Lexus Certified. They are often on that list because they discount the repairs to most insurance companies. Wouldn’t you rather have your vehicle in the hands of specialized Certified Lexus technicians? If you want your vehicle fixed exactly the way that Lexus requires, bring it to us at Louisville Collision Center.

2. WE will handle your claims process for you. The average vehicle owner has an accident every six years. That’s a long time, especially the way that vehicles are constantly changing today. The only way to make sure that your vehicle is restored to Lexus standards is to have our Lexus Certified employees help you with the process of repairing your vehicle. We have a proven track record of working successfully with insurance companies to make sure that your car is restored to Lexus standards, and nothing short of that.

Lexus ertified Technician

3. Every Lexus Certified technician at Louisville Collision Center undergoes hours of hands on training and extensive testing before they are Lexus Certified. They are sent to training centers across the country with only one focus, learn how to fix a Lexus exactly the way Lexus requires. Even after all that, they still aren’t done. Our technicians must undergo continuous training to stay current on newly launched models and the latest collision repair technology. Our technicians are specifically trained to fix YOUR Lexus.

4. To be part of the Lexus Certified Collision Center program, Lexus REQUIRES a CCC to be equipped with industry-leading diagnostic instruments, approved measuring equipment, spray booth systems, hand tools, welding and dent repair stations. Basically, Lexus has always stood for the highest standards in the automotive industry and they still do today. Your Lexus will only be repaired with the tools and equipment that Lexus requires of its Certified Collision Centers.

5. When we repair your Lexus at Louisville Collision Center, we RESEARCH and document exactly how Lexus requires the vehicle to be repaired using their software Lexus TIS. This access which is given to Lexus CCC’s shows step by step blueprints on how to fix your Lexus. Serious repairs often require your vehicle to be disassembled to see all the damage. From small repairs, to paintwork to reassembly, our technicians use these procedures designed by Lexus engineers to allow technicians to achieve body tolerances like those when your vehicle left the factory on day 1.